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A knife comes in handy if you're hiking, camping, hunting or just for the daily cutting tasks at home & garden.

A fixed knife is a good choice because it permits working with only one hand, it's lighter than a folding knife with same blade length, more rugged and easier to clean.

I make knifes, timeless beautiful, traditional knives 100% handmade, following my idols Rodrigo Mulero Crespí (2Gknives.com) and William Scagel.
Designing my knives, I follow the principle „as small as possible, as big as necessary“ to make sure, the knife is in the pocket or bagpack and not at home, even if every ounce of equipment counts.

Normally I use tool steels as 1.2442 with about 2% of tungsten, O1 or 52100, or for inoxidable blades, Böhler N690Co. My knives mostly have a handle made from sambar stag.

Every knife is unique.

My Logo

I've chosen the crossed anchors due to my passion to the sea and my hometown Hamburg. The anchor is symbol for trust and safety.

Furthermore, one of my favorite knives is an old rigger knife from Lütter & Cie Solingen, with the anchor of brass in the wooden handle.

My special thanks goes to GlossyShot.net for the amazing pictures of my knives!

And to Rodrigo from 2Gknives.com and Juan (Engraver and conservator of the majorcan cathedral) who made my stamp.


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