Care & Maintainance

My knives are made of high-quality, natural materials that can develop a patina over time.
It is advisable to treat wood, leather, horn and antlers with oil from time to time to prevent them from drying out and to maintain their shine.
Boiled linen oil or camellia oil is best suited for this, the latter also protects the carbon steel blade from rust. The knife should not be stored in the leather sheath.
With natural materials, changes of humidity and temperature can lead to warping.
My wooden grips have an oil polish and I can recommend e.g. "CCL Traditional Gunstock Oil" for refreshing.

If a knife is not going to be used for a long time, I can highly recommend "Renaissance Wax" from Picreator, as it perfectly protects against rust and also keeps wood and ivory from drying out. Renaissance Wax does not attract dust like oil does.

Blade care

The sharpness of the blade can best be maintained on a honing leather, if necessary I grind the blades by hand on a Belgian whetstone.
For storage, we recommend rubbing a drop of camellia oil on the blade.
The carbon steel will develop a patina over time that protects against rust to a certain extent. If you want the blade to look like it did on the first day, you can remove the patina with a soft cloth and silver polish.