The Falconerknife النايف

With a falconry knife, about 2/3 of the lower blade is usually blunt and only the tip is sharp, so there is less risk of injury to the bird. Here, the cutting edge should be continuously sharp so that the knife can be used more universally and for other game as well.

For this knife, handle shells made of robust micarta, walnut wood that matches the hunting weapon or e.g. mammoth ivory can be used - there are no limits to creativity. The knife can also be built without bolsters.

Damasteel, m390 bzw 1.4220-02 / QPM20-4, 1.2442, 1.3505
Full tang or frame handle


This is what a European-style falconry knife could look like. Only the front third of the blade is sharp

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The large bolsters made of 416 stainless offer plenty of space for individual engravings.