The Aficionado

El Aficionado - My version of the Loveless City Knife, a small elegant desk knife or EDC, it also does a good job as a cigar knife. The Wharncliffe blade has a nearly straight edge with a minimal curve towards the point. This knife is ideal for fine cuts as they occur in everyday life, as well as working with the blade tip.
The blade length is approx. 64mm with a total length of approx. 160mm. M390, Damascus or 1.2442 are used as the blade material.
In addition to the "Aficionado" with a blade of approx. 64mm, I also make the same knife as an XXL version "Double Corona" with a blade of approx. 88mm.
m390 / 1.4220-02 / QPM20-4, 1.2442, 1.3505, Damascus, Damasteel
Full tang