The Hunting Cutlass

This cutlass is based on the classic European cutlass or rococo hunting sword.
At that time, these knives were also carried with very ornate handguards by the nobles at court.
The hunting knife has a typical parrying element with a wide crossguard and a shell on the obverse side.
This was adopted as a decorative element from the rapier and protected the cutlery carried in a pouch on the scabbard from loss.

My Hirschfanger adopts some elements of the classic knife, but has a more universally usable blade.

The last Hirschfanger is constructed as a "take down" with a "frame handle". This means that the grip can be disassembled, which allows changing the grip and guard.

200 - 300mm
80CrV2, 1.2510, 1.3505, Damast
Hidden tang / Frame handle